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Site Planning Survey
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Please check the requirements for your successful web site. This will assist you in identifying and developing:
1. Business Goals
2. Web Site Requirements
3. Business Model
4. Marketing Requirements
1. Business Goals
Sales & Revenue Growth Brand Awareness
Brand Recognition Marketing Requirements
Web Store Customer Intelligence/Data
Product Information Customer Support
Service Information Other
2. Web Site Requirements
Determine Domain Name Color Schemes
Domain Registration Logo Design
Graphics / Pictures Customer Database
Flash / Multimedia Content Development
Shopping Cart Transaction Processing
Credit Card Storage Multi-currency
Catalog / Inventory Listing Customer Response Forms
Privacy Policy User Agreement
Site Search Dynamic Content
Custom Web Applications Calendar / Scheduling Applications
Web Site Hosting Data Backup / Recovery
3. Business Model
Business to Business (B2B) Business to Consumer (B2C)
Informational Site Personal Site
Just for Fun Gift or Present
Non-Profit Organization Education
Government Health Care
4. Marketing Requirements
Web Presence Affiliate Programs
Competitive Response to Competition North America Presence
Global Presence e-mail Marketing
Banner / Button Advertising Link Exchange
Please check the advanced requirements for your web site:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Affiliate Marketing Programs
Link Popularity Online Advertising Programs
Staff Training Product & Service assistance
Customer Satisfaction Programs e-mail Marketing assistance
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